Kinyasano Girls High School

The water and sanitation need at this school reached crisis mode in the 2015 dry season. The borehole pump, which was the only supply that could span the dry season, failed, but was repaired as an emergency measure. Chronic rationing and water shortages in the area mean that despite infrastructure work being undertaken by the local authority, no supply to the school is planned. Consequently WATSAN is planning a new spring protection and short pipeline from above the school to a tapstand in the school compound.

The bulk of this project consists of sanitation improvements direly need at this school, including a new bath-shelter, and new ventilated improved privies for pupils and staff.

Funding for this project is coming to WATSAN from Bishops Waltham Rotary Club in the UK, in conjunction with other local clubs. The project will be monitored locally by Rukungiri Rotary Club.


This is a community water supply and sanitation project that aims to serve 226 people in their homes, plus 460 staff and pupils at Ihimbo Primary School, all of whom depend upon water fetched from surface water pools where the water is of poor quality. Two 20m³ and one 10m³ tanks are proposed in order to harvest rainwater from the school and the adjacent church buildings, together with the protection of a local spring. Health and hygiene education, and support to the community in sanitation improvement, will be provided concurrently.

Funds are being sought by the “Friends of North Kigezi” from Rotary sources for this project, which was originally proposed in 2013. 

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